There are some people I’m really getting tired of seeing.  There are some people I don’t think are seen enough.  Let me take a closer look at just a few of them, because the ones I’m getting tired of seeing the most just can’t seem to fade away fast enough.

Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis is one of those people who’s getting way more attention than what she deserves.  To cut right to the chase, she needs to either resign or face a recall vote as of … well, yesterday actually wouldn’t be soon enough.

Kim Davis' booking photo. (Image via Wikipedia)
Kim Davis’ booking photo. (Image via Wikipedia)

Instead, Davis is sticking to her guns in defying the United States Supreme Court by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples based on her religious beliefs.  In the process, she’s being compared by some to Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Abraham Lincoln — ironic as all get out, because they were champions of civil rights while Davis fights to withhold them.

Is it any wonder she’s being looked upon by same-sex marriage opponents as a martyr?  When she was released from jail for defying the Supreme Court — on the condition that she give up her stand — it was like a church rally, including sermonizing.  What made it comical was the sight of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz being blocked from getting to the stage where Davis and Cruz’s GOP opponent — at least one of more than a dozen — the former preacher Mike Huckabee were going to appear — kept away by one of Huckabee’s handlers because, damnit, THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HUCKABEE’S TIME TO SHINE!  And all while this little game of political one-upsmanship was going on, a choir was singing a gospel tune.

What makes it even funnier is that you have staunch Republicans like Huckabee and Cruz using a Democrat like Davis to get an edge.

Davis’ stand is based on her religious beliefs, the thinking that goes behind the “sanctity of marriage.”  Given her own marital history with more than one marriage and a remarriage and a child born from her second or third husband shortly after divorcing her first husband or some such convoluted track record, she’s a bit on shaky ground herself when it comes to defending that “sanctity.”

Please, spare me the rhetoric about Christians being persecuted today.  Go through this checklist and see if that’s true.

It’s the belief that governments and courts shouldn’t be redefining the biblical word on marriage.  Well, there’s some shakiness there as well, as a billboard posted in Davis’ hometown by the organization Planting Peace so bluntly points out:

Image via
Image via

I still consider myself a Christian.  I’m still holding on to my own faith and religious beliefs as much as possible.  I understand Kim Davis’ reported desire to stick by her beliefs … if that’s what she’s really doing.  Where she goes off the rails is in trying to force her beliefs on everyone else, whether they believe themselves or not.  She could make just as strong a stand by stepping down and continuing to speak out, and she wouldn’t be breaking any laws of the land in the process.  Instead, she insists on maintaining her “holier than thou” stand, and it’s another example of how Christians are being made to look foolish.

There’s at least one pastor I’ve read of who agrees with that.

“She can have any private opinion she wants about gay marriage, but as a representative of the state she cannot impose that view on others without violating the establishment clause of the First Amendment,” Urbanna Baptist Church Pastor Jonathan Davis wrote. “As a government employee, Davis is free to exercise her religion, but not when it interferes with the liberty of others under the law of the land.”

This is where the separation of church and state is so important.  And that’s the crux of the problems we’re seeing as with Kim Davis’ case.  That separation is eroding.  It’s eroding to the point that presidential candidates climb all over each other to use people like Kim Davis to come across as the “holier than thou” hopeful.

Kim Davis needs to fade away.  She’s doing Christianity no favors at all.


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