Come on, now.  This can’t be serious.  It can’t last.  It shouldn’t last.  It’d damn well better not last.

There is no way Donald Trump should be running for President of the United States.  But he is, and he’s leading the Republican pack.  And no matter how many foolish, egomaniacal things he says and does, he won’t go away.

Image via Wikipedia
Gage Skidmore — Image via Wikimedia

What does Trump bring to the table when it comes to serious ideas on how to make America better?  He tells us all his ideas are “great,” “the best,” “it’s so good.”  And he says next to nothing when it comes to specifics.  He’s a salesman selling himself.  His pitch is filled with empty rhetoric.  Oh, he might come up with an idea to build a great wall like the one in China, separating the U.S. and Mexico as the solution to immigration and tell you that he’d make sure Mexico paid for it all, down to the last penny.

He lives in a fantasy world.  And he’s the leading GOP candidate.  Really.

We are turning into a nation where ratings rule.  Trump is bombastic, speaks nonsense that gets people riled up, and the major media flocks to him because the mention of his name brings ratings.  He’s a political monster created by Fox News who brings the shine of being a reality TV star thanks to NBC, where Meet The Press host Chuck Todd can’t seem to get enough of him.

That’s why he’s leading the polls.  He’s a media junkie.

Image by DonkeyHotey
Image by DonkeyHotey

He’s an immature brat.  He’s a Twitter troll.  What did he do after Megyn Kelly pinned him down in the first debate on Fox about his views on women?  He pouted and went on the attack against Kelly like a pimply faced school kid.  On the eve of the second presidential debate, it’s a pretty safe bet that someone will ask or say something that Trump won’t like and he’ll tweet some high school bully-type trash.

And what would he do if some foreign leader offended him as the POTUS?  Is he going to change his ways?  Does his style of behavior make America greater?

Did his method of dealing with Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos at an Iowa press conference in August show the kind of mature leadership we want out of a POTUS?  Prior to getting kicked out of that press conference (and being brought back in later after other reporters quizzed Trump about the incident), Ramos had written to Trump asking for an interview.  Trump didn’t just ignore the request, he posted Ramos’ phone number for all the world to see.  Ramos tried asking his questions at the press conference and was physically removed.  Trump supporters argue that Ramos didn’t follow protocol.  Protocol schmotocol, press conferences are more often a free-for-all for attention and getting questions in than they are a model of manners.  To me, seeing a journalist being physically escorted out of a press conference was chilling.  Publishing a journalist’s personal phone number because you’re peeved about Univision shows no class whatsoever.

And this is the GOP frontrunner.

Slamming veterans of foreign wars for being captured … saying he endured more grueling military experience than soldiers in battle because he went to an expensive boarding school … and this is the guy who wants to lead America’s troops.

Seriously?  He’s the GOP frontrunner?

I could go on and on and on about why I’d like to see this national nightmare known as Donald Trump fade away, but he won’t.  He might not win the presidency (heaven help us all if he did), but his universal ego would never allow him to fade away.  My reasons listed here are just the tip of the iceberg.

For another tip of that iceberg known as “The Donald,” there’s a documentary from the early ’90s that Trump didn’t want people to see, and somehow he managed to successfully keep it from being shown.  It’s an eye-opener, but — given what we know now of the guy — none of it is surprising.

It’s worth the hour and 22 minutes to see.

And this is the GOP frontrunner?  Come on, get serious.


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