I now put together articles for John’s blog on Wednesdays and articles for my own horse blog whenever I want to write them.  But I can’t write about just anything on my own blog, that is solely about horses.  That is why I write here as well.  However, sometimes I can cue you into what I write in my horse blog for those who don’t see it or know that I have it.

For me, the average American trying to make ends meet, there is another area I work to try and pull in more income to help this family besides horses.  My horse training and instruction is a newer business.  It takes time to build up a business for ourselves.  I have been teaching music for almost 30 years, so there is an outlet there that I can use to make more of an income while the horse business is being built up.

Sometimes, though, I wonder how people with a lower income and little or no savings of any kind — or those just scraping the bottom of the barrel — manage to get a business built up when there is little to no means to build it up.  That is where I’m at right now.  There is a lot of training I need in order to get where I want to be, but nothing to help me get there.  I wonder how many people are in the same place I am.

Amy and Cheyenne on the pedestal. (Photo by Randy Kroll)
Amy and Cheyenne on the pedestal. (Photo by Randy Kroll)

Let me give you an example.  I am training my horses to be trick horses for entertainment at parties, shows, etc.  I have taught myself from books I’ve found.  I do have a trainer to help me, however, I need to learn some marketing skills from a person who is doing exactly what I want to do.  The problem there is that person lives in Florida and it takes money to get her here or for me to go there.

Here’s what I want to do.  My goal is to get my trick horses fully trained and performing so well that they could appear on television through advertising or some such thing.  There is a concern that whoever uses my horses would have to have me involved so that we only use the horses in conditions in the horses’ best interest.  That is another subject, though.

My mares Cheyenne and Gypsy have both been on local television and seemed to enjoy it.  I would love to build on that and point them in that direction.  However, I am an unknown and I have no marketing skills in the direction that I need to go.  So a person who has a unique ability in my area — horses that paint, do music, soccer and basketball, etc. — needs to find the means to make this a reality.  How can I reach my goal without the funds it takes to do it?

When the instructor that I have now found out that I am struggling financially, she asked me why I am coming and investing in the lessons?  I told her that if I don’t I will continue to go nowhere with my horses and my business will flop.  However, it has a better chance when I continue my education.  She knew exactly what I meant.  I have a dream, and if I settle for the status quo through low-paying jobs, I might as well just give up.  But I know if I keep trying, something should come from it.

Reaching-GoalsAnyone who has seen my horses perform really loved what they can do.  As our dreams come but with little in the way to financially back it up, sometimes we need a little help.  I wonder how to get that without going into huge debt that really hurts us.  I am brainstorming here.  I hear how others make it work from the ground up and little to back them up.  I want to turn my dream into a reality.  As a religious person, I pray about this a lot.

I feel as though God is pushing me in this direction.  Even though there are times I think I am crazy to have horses, my gut instinct tells me differently.  My instinct says, “Maybe, Amy, you are meant to do this and reach out to people in a unique way through horses, since horses are therapeutic to people.  Maybe I am here for this very purpose in the trying times that we are in to help people connect with horses in a way that brings the stresses of this world down even temporarily to find peace with themselves.”

I would love to bring joy and laughter to people who are hurting when my horses point their nose toward them in a funny angle only to bring the biggest grin on the horse’s face, that makes people laugh to see them doing that.

Whenever I do feel as though horses should not be my thing and I should just stop and get rid of them,  John is a great person to have in my corner; he won’t let me quit because he knows how good the horses are for me.  Through all the stress I go through over this low-income problem, he knows that the horses are very therapeutic to me and help me through so much.  If I didn’t have them, I don’t know where I would be.  I get very depressed, I experience dark thoughts going through all this and the horses are a light out of that darkness when I see them.

I would love to help other people to see that light that the horses can bring when they’re hurting themselves.  They are my therapists.  I really mean that.  They are my light.  John knows this and he says that I need them and should never get away from that light that they provide.  They point me to God’s light in a way.  When I am with them, they help me feel God’s light because they are part of nature.  God speaks to us in nature, people, circumstances, anything He can use.  I feel as if God is speaking to me in people and nature, including through my horses.

I ventured a little off the path of where I was going with this, but maybe you needed to see a little bit where I am coming from, the direction that I am trying to steer myself down now.  Well, maybe I will make more turns before I get to the correct job for me and the people who might benefit from my help someday.  Let’s not forget about other horses I might help as well.  I am all about helping people as well as the furry critters who also have emotions.  Horses have very strong emotions themselves, so that is why they are so good for people.  They can read us like a book.  I know my horses can.

I think you have read enough chattering from me about where I am coming from for now.  But it at least gives you my perspective on certain things — dreams for certain endeavors or ways to help people or animals to find more peace in uncertain circumstances.  Please feel free to let me know what you think.  Bye for now!


4 thoughts on “AMY’S ANGLE: Reaching goals and finding peace in uncertain times

  1. Hi Amy – My developmentally delayed adopted daughter from Romania has been going to therapeutic horsemanship classes at Three Gaits, a certified provider of same here in Wisconsin for several years. I know what a calming effect the horses have on all the special needs kids there.

    Steve Kessler

    1. Hello Steve,

      I am glad that you see the positive effect that horses can have on people. How old is your daughter? I don’t know exactly what it is about horses that have this effect on people, maybe the fact that they are a prey animal and need to be aware of their surroundings in order to feel safe. So they read us the same. Whatever the reason they are great for people who are hurting in many ways. I love to see it. I don’t have a therapeutic program, but I have had people come and visit my horses or I have given lessons to students who are stressed. I do have a student, who is a single mom, out of stressful situation, who comes and rides with me. She looks forward to her lessons every week.

      Thanks for telling me about your thoughts on horses, I enjoy reading about your daughter and how the horses help her stay calm in her life.

      1. Hi – my daughter will be 30 next week, and while extremely high-functioning (has a job & can cook, clean both the house and herself), because of all the deprivation and diseases she was subjected to until we brought her home when she was 5, will always be functionally illiterate and lacking in fine motor control. You guys continue to hang in there. It’s inspiring, even to a jaded, cynical NYC Jew lol!

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