In wrapping up a review this week of some of the people I’m tired of seeing (just before touching on a discussion of at least one not seen enough) … how about that Republican presidential debate last night, huh?

To put it in perspective, if you count the “kiddie table” debate before Wednesday night’s main event, it lasted around five hours … over half of a typical work day … less time than the average marathon runner takes to go 26.2 miles.

Image via
Image via

And what did we get out of it?  A more-than-generous “baker’s dozen” politicians and business people who want to be the leader of the free world who mostly have no business being in that position and saying a whole lot of … not much more than you’d expect from a bunch of guys and one woman piling into a clown car.

Now, please, don’t get me wrong.  If the GOP would come up with a decent candidate, I’d spend more than a little time considering them.  I honestly don’t lean to one side of the political aisle so heavily that I don’t give any serious consideration to what the conservatives say.  But the last candidate who ran on the Republican side that I could find myself giving any serious thought to was Jon Huntsman Jr., and his run in 2012 was aborted when it was basically decided that he wasn’t far enough “out there.”

I didn’t watch any of last night’s debate.  For one thing, we had to give up cable and satellite TV years ago so CNN isn’t on our list of channels to choose from.  For another thing, there really isn’t one single candidate out of the whole GOP presidential mess field that I can even begin to get that interested in.

After already seeing so many of them through the years, I’ve seen enough of them to determine that they’re jokers unelectable.  I’ve seen enough, and I wouldn’t care if I didn’t see any more of them.  Unfortunately, we still have over a year left before their posturing is over.  I did read and see enough of the highlights and lowlights after the debate to confirm a few things, such as …

  • Donald Trump — as stated in a post here the day before the debate — is indeed a child, and more people are pointing that out including those who shared the stage with the dude.  When Rand Paul pointed out how much “The Donald” likes to point out people’s physical appearance as huge flaws (as he did with Carly Fiorina), Trump argued against that and wrapped it up by … pointing to Rand Paul’s physical appearance.  I was actually waiting for Sir Trump to say something about a hairpiece, but that’s too much of a pot vs. kettle issue in that particular matchup.
  • Caricature by DonkeyHotey
    Caricature by DonkeyHotey

    Speaking of Fiorina, most comments following the debate pointed to the former Hewlett-Packard leader as the winner on the night.  When you get right down to it, that’s a pretty sad statement all by itself.  She came across as being confident, strong, hit hard at Trump’s misogynistic style, gave what could best be described as thorough answers to questions without verbally dancing around.  But, at worst, if we really examine those answers, a question has to be asked: how truthful were they?  When her experience as a failed executive at HP was brought up, she talked about growth and increased revenue under her watch.  Sure, that’s going to happen naturally when you merge with a company like Compaq.  But it was also that merger that ended up costing a lot of people their jobs, including Fiorina’s.  Since then, she’s run an unsuccessful campaign for the California Senate and come across as a bit wacky as a conservative mouthpiece in the media.  No, thanks.


Caricature by Donkey Hotey
Caricature by Donkey Hotey
  • When it comes to Ben Carson, he has to be considered the most likable candidate among the Republican hopefuls, which may be why he’s risen to No. 2 in the polls behind the Towering Ego guy.  But that’s about it.  His intelligence can’t be questioned.  He was a brilliant neurosurgeon.  He’s pretty soft spoken.  In the circle of friends I run with, Carson being a Seventh-day Adventist counts for major points.  He pulled himself up from rough beginnings to a sterling career.  But is all that enough?  For all the intelligence Carson possesses, some of the judgment and “broader knowledge” he’s shown when it comes to the matter of running a country makes me hesitate with him in a major way.  How do you stand at a podium in a debate as he did Wednesday night and say that there are Marines who aren’t ready to deploy?  Uh, Dr. Carson, unless they’re in basic training, Marines are always ready to deploy.
  • That same question of judgment could be raised when it comes to Marco Rubio.  He might have come out of this debate in California okay if he didn’t feel the need to tell a joke about bringing his own water … in California … which has suffered through serious droughts … and is battling wildfires.  Presence of mind goes a long way.
  • Mike Huckabee — if Adventists ever needed a reason to have a real fear about “Sunday laws” and how it could affect them, Huckabee as President is as close a reason as we could find.  Yeah, separation of church and state should exist.  Huckabee’s a poster child for that.  The same could be said for …
  • Ted Cruz.
  • Jeb Bush — Can you say George W. Bush squared?
  • Chris Christie — If you like loud-mouthed, in-your-face, unrepentant corruption in your future, he’s your guy.
  • Scott Walker — One video when Walker was pranked into thinking he was talking on the phone with one of the Koch brothers says it all:
  • And for cryin’ out loud, if Walker isn’t smart enough to pick up on a prank like he fell for in the next picture, what kind of POTUS would he make?


  • All the rest — Even bigger pretenders.

All in all, it’s a mighty sad story.

Is it November 2016 yet?  No?  Damn!


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