In our home, we have a cat who loves to talk to anyone who will listen to him.  His name is Peeta.  He was a foster kitten we took care of in a litter of six cute, colorful kittens.  They were a certain color and white, very colorful indeed.  All the other kittens went to “forever homes.”

I love helping kittens that come from pounds.   It makes me feel as if I am helping cats find homes in a small way.  There are so many cats and kittens who need help and I can help the kittens here in my neck of the woods.  Well, this litter of six little felines were a very colorful bunch of kittens, and they were a very cuddly bunch.  When it came time for them to go to the shelter to become spayed or neutered, one of the kittens — Peeta — could not go because he was not 100 percent with his eyes.  So he had to stay behind while the others left.  He cried and cried for his brothers and sisters.

When he became healthy and his eyes cleared up and he had his surgery done, we were told that Peeta was a noisy kitty who could be heard through the whole clinic.

Peeta is caught spying under a bedroom door. (Photo by John G. Miller)
Peeta is caught spying under a bedroom door. (Photo by John G. Miller)

We ended up with Peeta because a girlfriend of Curtis’ wanted to adopt him and she did but she didn’t have a place to keep him so he’s stayed here with us for about a year now.  He is an awesome, noisy kitty who is very demanding for attention.  His favorite thing is belly rubs and he really squirms on those because he loves them so much.

Another strange thing this cat does is on one piece of furniture, the love seat, he enjoys getting on his back and using his paws to climb along the bottom.  Instead of walking on his legs, he pulls himself around the love seat with his back on the floor.  It is so funny to watch and he always does it on this part of the furniture, not the other furniture.

Peeta also likes to meow a lot so we know where he is.  We talk to him a lot and he loves to talk as well.  He loves to beg for treats by laying on the kitchen floor and looking so pathetic, trying to make us think that he is starving, but he can’t fool us with his stomach as large as it is.  He looks so cute gazing up with his large green, begging eyes.  Usually we then give in and give him treats along with other cats who come running after hearing the treat bag rattling.

So if any of our friends came to visit, they have to put up with a visit from Peeta, the friendly, beautiful, green-eyed cat.


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