We went to a parent-teacher conference today with our daughter, Alicia, to check out how she’s doing in school.  It is a nice time to get acquainted with what her world is like on a daily basis in her school.  Most of her life for the next three years is going to be in a high school classroom setting, so we as parents need to see that part of our kids’ lives.

To start the day, I went out to be with my horses to show one potential student what great horses are like to ride.  It took time in getting them ready to ride, but the sad thing was that this potential student didn’t show up.  I do hate it when I work so hard to be at a place on time and ready, it takes a while to get horses ready and saddled, only to be stood up.  So then I decided to work on my horses by myself and enjoy my time with them.

Alicia with her dad.
Alicia with her dad.

Then I came home and we went to Alicia’s school to meet with her teachers.  After our many discussions with her teachers, we learned that she is doing great in certain classes and trying her best in other classes.  It is not easy with so many different classes, and there are classes kids like better than others.  A person’s natural gifts become more apparent in schools and certain classes spark interests, if you know what I mean.

Then we went out to eat with her to become acquainted with a fellow who wanted to take our daughter out on her first “real” date.  Letting a daughter date is a very scary time to me because it is hard to get to know what guys are like before we dare to let our precious girl go out.  Again, this is really a first “true date” for her, and I guess something to get used to is this period where we might pace floors to wait up for her to come home at night.  I am sure there is a lot of understanding on that among other parents.

Nonetheless, we really enjoy Alicia, she is a joy for us and great to be with and have around.  It is not a day for me to get excited about when she will someday move out and not live with us any more, just like our two sons have already done.  But we know this happens when kids grow up and then move out and leave mom and dad to their own worlds.  These are times when we wonder if we have raised them up the way we hope for.

If anyone would love to share their experiences with parenting please feel free to write.


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