I have always been the kind of person to want to keep the whole family together, including the furry friends that we have.  However, when John lost a decent paying job twice within the past four years and now that we are facing the loss of our home because John’s income is much lower,  we have to face the reality of renting an apartment and no one seems to want pets — or, should I say, no one wants as many as we have.

Buster and Sami ready for a morning walk. (Photo by Amy Miller)
Buster and Sami ready for a morning walk. (Photo by Amy Miller)

My beautiful Buster is a large 85-pound dog, a red-haired border collie cross.  I love him and I want to stay with him all his years, but the chance of him staying with us is threatened.  Most apartments don’t even accept dogs that are large or as many dogs as we have.  The town where we live allows four dogs per household.  We have three dogs, but we also have three cats that would live with us.  So that makes six critters. However, apartments don’t hold the same standard — it’s up to two pets per apartment if you can have pets at all.  So what are we supposed to do?

People do get angry with animal lovers who do have to separate themselves from their pets.  But if people are in situations such as John, Alicia and I are facing now, I am beginning to see that some people have no choice.  We have been fighting hard for our pets and I feel as if we are losing.  In all honesty, I want to keep every one of them, they are my “kids.”  But we can’t be homeless either.  What are we supposed to do to keep this bunch together?  I would love suggestions.  John, Alicia and I would be devastated to part with any of them.

This is a plea to help us stay together somehow.  Sami is a 9-year-old American Eskimo who we’ve had since she was a puppy.  We put her through obedience training and she got her Canine Good Citizenship award.  Buster is almost 6 years old, we had him since he was six weeks old and he went to advanced level in dog training with me.  Fancy is another American Eskimo who belongs to Alicia, she is her dog because Fancy’s original owner died so we took her to foster until a new home could be found.  After a period of literal mourning on Fancy’s part, Alicia and Fancy became fast friends and they’d be devastated to have to live apart from each other now.  Then there are our cats.  I would love the idea of fundraising so we could find a place to keep them all together.

Any suggestions would be helpful because we are a family who wants everyone together.


2 thoughts on “AMY’S ANGLE: What to do with our furry friends?

  1. I really am feeling for you & your family, John. Look for a country home rental? Don’t limit to an apartment. There must be that one available home for you to relocate. I’m sending strong healing thoughts & prayers. Apply with a realtor. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Eve. I have looked for homes to rent too, but the ones I’ve seen are more than what we could afford at this point. The best option for us right now would be a small two-bedroom apartment where Amy has her horses, which would be even more ideal because then Amy could go out and work whenever she wanted or needed to, save a lot on gas, give me more time to see Amy around my work hours, close to Alicia’s school, not much to pay for in utilities, etc. But even that’s up in the air right now. That’s part of the agony we’re going through, not knowing how this is going to shake out when all’s said and done. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers. Tell B and yourself that we miss you guys.

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