To whom it may concern,

Here’s a question for Presidents’ Day: Would George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have approved of the current political landscape?

MountrushmoreFor that matter, let’s step through the rest of the faces found on Mount Rushmore and ask a couple more questions.

Would Thomas Jefferson have approved of the role religion has taken in American politics?  Come on, now, if anyone’s initial response is to answer in the affirmative, please do some seriously objective research.  Really.  I mean, how weird is it that such an obvious non-evangelical candidate as Donald Trump is topping the polls among evangelicals in the Republican lead-up to the South Carolina presidential primary?  That should be all the proof anyone needs that politics and religion — like oil and water — don’t mix.

How would Theodore Roosevelt — a Republican — have felt about something like Citizens United?


How messed up are we when we see Republican leadership and conservative pundits claiming that a sitting President should not nominate a replacement for a deceased Supreme Court justice (who helped give us Citizens United) during an election season because they’re so afraid of the balance of judicial power suddenly shifting to the “dark side” of evil liberalism, only to find that the truth is it’s been done before under presidents like William Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, and a guy named Ronald Reagan?

yogiAnd let’s not save our questions just for the conservative side.  On the liberal side, you’d think Hillary Clinton would have learned her lesson about the end results of not being totally honest about her fiercest presidential opponent’s actions after seeing what happened to her chances in 2008, wouldn’t you?  Check out the video below from just over eight years ago and see if an old Yogi Berra quote still applies today.

And Hillary thinks Bernie Sanders is out of line to criticize Barack Obama?  Really?

Or how about the Democratic National Committee deciding it would be a good idea to roll back a ban on donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees?

Meanwhile, as political games are played, middle class America is still being hit squarely between the eyes by reality.  Such as when United Technologies executives announced that 1,400 employees of Carrier Heating and Cooling Systems in Indianapolis would be out of a job starting in 2017 so they can move production to Mexico.  But it’s all just a “business decision.”  Right?  And if you think Trump is going to turn that all around, I’ve got some nice parcels of swampland to sell anyone who wants them.  Make me an offer, I won’t refuse.

It’s political business as usual.  Are we up to the challenge of changing that?

Happy (censored) Presidents’ Day.

— Sincerely, Angry Americans Not Supporting Donald Trump


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