Let’s do something a little creative with words, shall we?

My aggravation with anyone defending Donald Trump and his recorded pride while he was boasting about forcing himself on any and all females who strike his fancy because he’s a “star” — lame apologies notwithstanding — has reached a boiling point. I swear, if I see one more Donny defender saying his critics are hung up over mere words … well, let’s just say my adrenaline level’s at a definite high lately.

locker-roomI feel the need to vent, and in order to get my meaning across I may need to come across like I’m sinking down to Donny’s level.  Bear with me. You’ll see a lot of asterisks here, making it appear that I’m using the same kind of “locker room talk” the orange one claimed he was uttering when he bragged to former Today Show fractional host Billy Bush in 2005 about how he could get away with grabbing women by the genitals after sucking on Tic Tacs because he’s, well, Donny Trump, and apparently that makes him entitled (in his own f****** ** mind) to do whatever he pleases.

The question you need to ask while reading this is … am I diving down into the Trumpian pit of misogyny and predatory behavior by showing a side of me with a potty mouth, or am I actually using real or nonsensical but clean words in the potty mouth’s place?

hulkYou should see what I’m getting at more clearly when it’s all said and done. I’ll confess, I’m no angel when it comes to language, especially when I’m angry. Even when I’m angry, though, I can be fairly capable of controlling my tongue. That’s more than can be said for a certain Oompa-Loompaish presidential candidate.

Donny defenders cross a broad g****** spectrum. They include men and women, people of no religious affiliation and a select group of a****** evangelists who fall back on the “we’re not electing a pope or a saint here, we’re electing a President” argument. Well whoopty-f******-doo, Religious Right evangelists, I guess that argument of yours in this case pretty much blows a big hole in your claim that you’ve used for years that you’re supporting candidates with the finest moral values now, doesn’t it?

carsonAnd along those lines, how about that d****** Ben Carson, a guy who’s a member of the same religious faith as me, twisting himself into a new pretzel shape by saying on CNN that Trump’s “locker room banter” is wrong, and then turning around and suggesting that maybe the problem is that such talk isn’t heard more often.

Okay, Trumpians, can any of you explain that logic to me and have it make sense, or do I just need to face the fact that Ben Carson is looking more like a d******* all the time, especially since backing out of his own candidacy and offering up his **** and selling off his values for the sake of the orange muppet?

Don’t go thinking that all women all over the land are wishing they could line up and kick Donny in the n*** for offering up the stupid-*** testimony that he can grab ’em by the ***** any ol’ time and get away with it either.  In fact, some are outright encouraging him to do it to them if the opportunity ever arises, as is shown in this sad-*** display that’s gone viral over the past few days, part of the renowned “Trumpettes” …


Yeah, I get it, Trump defenders. You’re mad at the f***** government, mad at the p**** liberals, mad at Mexicans, mad at blacks, mad at Muslims, mad at this h******** concept known as “political correctness,” and that’s why you’re tossing aside any sense of your own decency to support an a****** who has not a shred of decency to show for himself. I have my own frustrations over the way things are, the games that are played in Washington and how it affects the poor and the shrinking middle class. I wasn’t thrilled with how things turned out on the Democratic primary side and the games that were played there, but I’m not about to sell my a** to the devil because of it.

And, please, your “hero” is a ******* coward. When the heat gets turned up by female accusers who say that the apricot-toned ******* actually did force himself on them, he runs around saying the election’s rigged a few ******* weeks before it even happens? Grow a pair of *****, Donny, and while you’re at it shut the **** up (like the latter suggestion will ever happen), Donny.

I’ve seen excuses for Donny like “yeah, that stuff’s said all the time in locker rooms” (been there, heard it all, but not the way Donny said it), or “if you’re offended by Trump’s words, try working in [insert male-dominated career here].”

There was a time when I worked for a brief time in car sales, new and used. Yeah, the ******* language is rough, to say the least. Pretty much every other ******* word is a ******* expletive, and among the “bombers” was a young man who’d soon go off on a church mission. Glory ******* be! The worst “bomber” was the sales manager, who’d tear apart salespeople for inspiration and congratulated me on my first big sale by saying I’d “popped a ******.”

For that matter, in my current line of work driving people around, I still run into people where every other ******* word is some ******* form of crude language. Like I say, I’ve been around the ******* block in this world a few times, heard a lot of **** spoken, and depending on my mood or the passenger load I’ll let some of this **** slide. On the other hand, even if I’m the only person around who’s not involved in a particularly crude conversation, it can wear on me and I’ll advise the offender to knock that **** off, just give it a **** rest, I’m tired of it.

I have that ******* right.

But not once — NOT ONCE — in any locker room or any workplace that I’ve been around do I recall any “locker room banter” reaching a point where anyone ever boasted about forcing themselves on anyone who wasn’t open to it, or groping anyone, or anything like what Donny bragged about to **** near equally offensive Billy Bush. And here we are, just weeks away from deciding whether this ****** Donny Trump should be elected as the “leader of the free world.”

Are you ******* serious?  You have got to be ******** me!

Listen up, Trumpheads, and listen up good. I don’t give a flying **** whether spoiled brat Donny Trump uses foul language. He’s a ******* salesman, therefore it pretty much has to be part of his ******* DNA. I’ve lived 50-some years listening to and speaking foul language myself. Not something to brag about, but my ears aren’t ******* virgins.

My point when all is said and done is this: Like an edited version of the notoriously foul-mouthed “Glengarry Glen Ross,” you can take out all or most of the asterisks in what’s being said. You can take out the words, whether they offend you or not. What’s the message that’s left behind?

Now, Trump defenders, repeat after me until it sinks in …

With Donny Trump, it’s not the words, it’s the message.

With Donny Trump, it’s not the words, it’s the message.

With Donny Trump, it’s not the words, it’s the message.

With Donny Trump, it’s not the words, it’s the message.

Show your values. Don’t sell your a** to the monster in our midst.


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