Presidents’ Day has taken a hit.  It’s taken a big hit.  How do we celebrate it now without the guy sitting at the desk in the Oval Office for the past month thinking it’s all just about him and him alone, as he’s prone to do?

argumentWe could engage in arguments over social media with supporters of the guy at the desk.  Unfortunately, no matter how many well-researched facts and articles and informative charts we present, no matter how balanced and impartially we try to present ourselves, we end up looking like dogs chasing their tails.

We can point to conflicts of interest in business dealings, we can point to the guy’s close ties to Russia and the fact that Russian officials admitted to communications with the guy’s people during the campaign, we can point out Cabinet appointees’ lack of experience in the areas they’re supposed to lead, we can point to areas where actions appear to be or are outright ruled to be unconstitutional or illegal, and all too often the responses to the well-thought-out and valid, not always barbed points we make end up in one of a few different ways:

  • “Yeah, but Obama …”
  • “Yeah, but Hillary …”
  • “It’s all fake news.”
  • Personal slams.
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

Happy Presidents’ Day, right?

rushmoreWhat’s happened to the party of Lincoln, the President who brought us a movement meant to point us in the direction of freedom and liberty for all?

What’s happened to the party of Teddy Roosevelt, who worked to fight corruption, political machines and monopolies as hard as he led the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill?

What’s happened to the party of Dwight Eisenhower, who led during a time of prosperity when taxes on the wealthy were much higher and as he stepped away he warned against a thing called the military-industrial complex, who opposed McCarthyism, continued New Deal agencies and expanded Social Security?

For that matter, what’s happened to the party of Richard Nixon, who wasn’t exactly known as the straightest of shooters but who at least saw fit to start something called the Environmental Protection Agency, only to see it being set up to be gutted today?  And what’s happened to the party of Ronald Reagan, who stood so firmly against the Soviet Union only to see renewed displays of authoritarianism in present day Russia seemingly met with games of patty-cake?

What’s happened to the moderate conservatives?  The ones we may not have agreed with on everything, but we could at least find some common ground by sitting down and talking together in a reasonable fashion?  They’re out there, and now more than ever they need to step up, speak out, and be heard over the din of those who prefer their conservatism in loud and unreasonable doses from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and anyone associated with Breitbart, to name just a few.

Just how many people did the guy bring to the White House from Breitbart as advisors anyway?
And when the guy holds a press conference and looks for “friendly questions” from the likes of Breitbart, you have to know the state of things in this White House.

Happy Presidents’ Day, right?

We could celebrate Presidents’ Day by hopping on social media and engaging in useless arguments with supporters of the guy.  Or we could think about doing something more positive, more constructive.  We could search out any of a number of grassroots organizations that are truly “grassroots” and not some big bankrolled campaign like the Tea Party with its links to Americans For Prosperity and Freedomworks, well funded by the Koch brothers.

indivisibleAs for me, I’ve been looking into the Indivisible movement.  I’ve gone so far as to attend the first meeting of Utah Indivisible over this weekend, a gathering that was packed with over 300 attendees of all ages, and I think it’s a safe bet that it wasn’t just filled up with liberals.  They didn’t check party affiliation, but people were urged to list what congressional district they lived in.  Yes, there are conservatives who are genuinely troubled by what they see coming out of the White House and beyond over the past month of the guy’s presidency.  And they’re not too proud to join in raising voices and flooding the mail bags destined for their local congressional leaders, even if it means opposing someone representing their own chosen party.

That’s how it needs to be.  Country over political party.

The Utah Indivisible meeting didn’t feature anything in the way of people shouting over each other.  It was filled with ideas, concerns, suggestions, possible solutions, ways to work together as citizens to fight this trend of lawmakers ignoring the phone calls and letters and attempts at face-to-face visits from constituents.  It featured people saying that they’d never truly been politically active before, but they are now because of their concern for the direction their country’s taking.

townhallWhat it didn’t feature was someone with deep pockets willing to dig far into their bank account to pay the attendees to protest, as some congressional leaders who’ve tasted the wrath of their constituents at town hall meetings recently have sadly and wrongfully suggested.

George Soros was not in attendance.

Yeah, we can celebrate this Presidents’ Day by hopping on social media and arguing with the Breitbart and InfoWars fans.  But where does that get us in the long run?  And we can expect a long haul.

We need to stand united, as liberals and conservatives and independents and other political flavors to find a strong, sustained voice.  Emphasis on sustained.

Happy Presidents’ Day, right?

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