I haven’t been saying nearly as much lately as what I’ve been thinking.  Life tends to get in the way when all you’re trying to do is survive.

The last time I published anything in this blog was President’s Day.  And that’s way too long when it comes to the thoughts that have crossed my mind and what’s been happening in our American lives since then.

My lovely wife might say that I’ve been too focused lately on worldly things and current events.  But to me, there needs to be a balance between focusing on what’s happening around us in the present tense and what we need to be watchful of in a more spiritual sense — what’s happening now, because if we don’t pay attention to what’s happening now, we will be deceived in a spiritual sense.

Deception is all around us.  The ones who pay attention to and really think about what’s happening will come out just fine.  The ones who fall into “the trap” of deception that is way too prevalent now will be in trouble.

With the week surrounding America’s Independence Day upon us, I’m taking some time to put together a series of five articles starting July 3 that take a look at where we as a nation were meant to be, where we are, and where we should be if we are going  to live up to where America was designed by the founding fathers.

I encourage you to follow all five parts of my upcoming 4th of July week series.  Stay tuned. Believe what you want to believe. All I’m offering is food for thought — some individual choice.

Part 1: Tired of It All

Part 2: Vision of America

Part 3: Where America Is At Now

Part 4: The Fakeness of America

Part 5: Turning Things Around

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