Interviewer: What message would you have for the viewers of this film who will loathe you when the credits roll?

Roger Stone: I revel in your hatred, because if I weren’t effective you wouldn’t hate me.

Roger Stone (Image via “Get Me Roger Stone”)

And with those words, the longtime Republican strategist, lobbyist, Richard Nixon “dirty trickster,” and the man who helped propel Donald J. Trump into the White House — Roger Stone — looks out the window in the back seat of a limousine, a scowl on his face, and the closing credits roll on the Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone.”

I watched this documentary a few weeks ago.  I had to break my viewing into a couple of chunks.  Never before has the experience of watching a documentary made me feel nauseous.  This one did.  It nauseated me because the thought struck me: This is what America is turning into, right in front of our eyes.  And too many people are fine with that.

Stone is an egomaniac.  He is without caring, without compassion.  He is only in it to win, to advance himself and his “partners in crime,” which includes time spent lobbying for foreign nations and their leaders with less-than-savory reputations.

Roger Stone doesn’t care.  He’s got what he wants.  He’s been rewarded for helping to pull the wool over the eyes of millions of people who gave Donald J. Trump an Electoral College victory.

Too many people out there are still okay with that.  Too many people think the so-called President of the United States is doing a great job, yet when you ask for examples of what he’s done aside from pushing out executive orders not meant for the betterment of America but to bitterly tear apart the legacy of the previous President, and you push for facts instead of feelings, the best you’ll get in response is “yeah, but Hillary …” or “yeah, but Obama …”

Where are all the coal jobs that were promised?  Not coming back.  What about all those jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana that Trump said he saved before he was even sworn in?  They’re still leaving.

Any jobs being created right now are coming as a result of the previous President’s policies, because that’s how the transition of power works.  Trump will never tell you that, but too many will believe him when he says it’s all because of him.

And what about that “repealing and replacing” of the Affordable Care Act?  It wasn’t that long ago that Sunday morning news programs had commercials from AARP reminding us with words coming from Trump’s own mouth on the campaign trail that things like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security wouldn’t be touched.  Those ads have gone away, because Trump made a promise he couldn’t keep, because our lawmakers are coming up with a plan to screw over average Americans, from the oldest to the youngest.

Like I told a relative of mine a couple of days after the election, a relative who voted for Trump:  “You bought yourself a lemon.”

Let’s face it, we have a Roger Stone protege in office.  We also have a Roy Cohn protege in office.  Remember Roy Cohn?

(Warning: The following video contains brief crude language.)

So, here we have an egomaniacal, sociopathic influencer helping to push an egomaniacal sociopath into the White House, and they both looked up to a weasel in the form of Roy Cohn.

That’s where America is at.  How comforting is that?

But let’s go beyond Stone and Trump and their heroes (aside from themselves).  Where are we at when it comes to representation in the halls of Congress?

For so long, American citizens have felt a disconnect with those who represent them in the House and Senate.  Trump campaigned on “draining the swamp.”  But out of the last election, the only result we’ve seen is choosing which alligators inhabit the swamp, and those alligators only have sharper teeth.

We’re not represented as American citizens any more.  I’ve tried calling the offices of Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch a few times.  On two occasions I managed to get through to live people, asking about the last Supreme Court vacancy and the lack of hearings on a health care coverage bill.  Each time, Hatch’s people have refused to provide information that I’ve asked for and invited me to look it up myself.  Each time it’s ended up with his people arguing my points.  The last time, the “scheduler” I talked to audibly sighed like she was disgusted as I was giving my views.

That’s not listening and thinking about what I have to say.  Inviting me to look up information on Hatch’s website (where I didn’t find it) about Senate health care hearings isn’t about his people doing the jobs that they’re paid to do by taxpayers, it’s inviting taxpayers to do their jobs for them.

The way it stands now, we are not represented in Congress, at least not by the majority and there are still too many questions about the minority party’s motives as well.  We keep sending people to office who represent companies giving to their campaign war chests to represent their interests more than they represent citizens.  Is that how it’s supposed to be?

Where is America at right now?  It’s like we’re living in a three-ring circus, and Donald J. Trump is the ringmaster.

If this circus gets any bigger, a fourth ring will be required.

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