Following up on “Quite the interesting telemarketing call”

Talk about a weasel of a political survey group.

Today, I posted an article about a telemarketing call I got from a survey organization at the following link:

Political Opinions of America

If you look at that website today, it looks totally unbiased and even touts itself that way on its home page.  That page is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the way it originally appeared Wednesday night, when it listed the following political views (among others) …

  • They are for the repeal of “ObamaCare.”
  • They will “fight to defeat anyone who supports class warfare (to interpret, conservative-speak for any effort to bring tax levels on the highest-income Americans back to Clinton-era rates).”
  • They are opposed to “placing an unfair extra tax burden on a select group of Americans (the richest 1%).”
  • They are for the reform of Social Security and encouraging Americans to just support themselves through their own means.

My lovely wife is my witness.  I showed her the exact content of the survey’s website before the original article was posted.  And now it appears that Political Opinions of America is covering its tracks.

That telemarketing call just gets more interesting.

The number of views on my original blog post about this has been wild, the reaction to it has gone beyond anything I imagined it would be.  People have been finding my post on this by Googling the following:

  • 253-382-9076 (with 22 views on this one alone)
  • phone:”253-382-9076″
  • (253) 382-9076
  • “political opinions of america” cruise
  • political opinions of america telemarketing
  • political opinions of america free cruise
  • caribbean cruise political survey
  • “political opinions of america”
  • political survey caribbean cruise line

I do believe I’ve hit a nerve at Political Opinions of America.  Who knows, maybe I single-handedly forced them to change the tone of their website because they WERE biased, and blatantly so?  Could it be?

By the way, it does appear that “Megan,” the lady who I talked to about the free cruise to the Bahamas, lied to me after all.  This is a scam.  No surprise there.  Now, how legitimate is Caribbean Cruise Line?  Hhhhmmmm?  Can anyone answer that?  Bueller?  Bueller?

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Quite the interesting telemarketing call

I would personally like to thank a lady named Megan at Caribbean Cruise Line (click on the link here to go to their web page) for giving me my topic for my blog post at 5:36 p.m. on Wednesday.

I got a call on my cell phone at that time from the phone number 253-382-9076.  I usually don’t pick up my phone if it’s a number I don’t recognize or that’s not in my contact list and already programmed in, if it’s important I let the caller leave a voice mail.  But this was one call I just had the feeling I should take.

A male recorded voice came on the line and informed me that this was a political survey, a brief one, and that when the survey was over I would be connected with a live person to receive a free cruise vacation for two to the Bahamas.  I decided to play along, all the way, and to ask the live person a few questions of my own.

There were three brief questions that had to do with what would get the economy going, what political party I supported, and whether I felt Barack Obama was doing a good job.  I was given an option to stay on the line and talk to a live person about my free cruise for two to the Bahamas.

That led me — after waiting on the line and eating up my cell phone time for maybe another 8 minutes of recorded cruise-selling pitches — to Megan.

My first question to her was who she represented.  Her answer:

Caribbean Cruise Line

I asked what, if any, political organization her cruise line was associated with.  My instinct was correct — it was a conservative organization, found at the link below.

Political Opinions of America

If you happened to click on that link above, you’ll see just how conservative it is.  Go ahead, if you haven’t clicked on it yet, “just do it.”  It’s all right there on their home page.

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  Since this article originally posted, it has been brought to my attention that the website’s content has changed drastically.  Please see my remarks to a reader in the Comments section below to see the original content that I saw last night.  Also, see the latest on this by clicking on the link for “Following up on ‘Quite the interesting telemarketing call.’“)

Yes, indeed, Caribbean Cruise Line is offering a free cruise to the Bahamas for my time in taking the survey, asking three simple questions, and reimbursing me for my used cell phone minutes.  I would also like to add that my cell phone is registered on the “Do Not Call” list and that a violation of that request not to be called by any telemarketers may have occurred.  The offending number is listed above in the second paragraph.

After giving Megan my email address in order to get my free cruise for two to the Bahamas from Caribbean Cruise Line, I let her know that I have a blog, I let her know that it goes out to a fair number of people worldwide, and that I would fully expect to get that free cruise or else her company may get some unwanted publicity if I don’t get what was promised.

I love messing with telemarketers.  Especially when they’re tied to a very biased political survey.

I’ll let you know if, as opposed to what Megan assured me, this was nothing but a scam.  I’m still waiting for that email with all I need to know on that free cruise.  THE PRESSURE IS NOW ON!!!

If I get to go on a free cruise with my lovely wife, I just might enjoy introducing her to a few virgin pina coladas or some other refreshing virgin drinks … courtesy of Caribbean Cruise Line and Political Opinions of America.  It’s the least they can do for the belly ache they gave me as a result of that unsolicited phone call.

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