I’ve really tried to avoid doing much of anything when it comes to cross-promoting my two different blogs here, but this is a week when I feel that I need to make an exception because there’s something special going on at my niche music site, The Crossover Music Channel.

This week — all week long — I’m doing a special feature on music that’s involved singer-keyboardist-guitarist-songwriter Bobby Whitlock, a famous name from his days with Southern soul label Stax Records, his time with Delaney & Bonnie and Friends, his major contributions to Derek and The Dominos and their classic rock and blues album “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs” while looking at his close friendship with co-songwriter Eric Clapton, his solo recordings, and the songs he’s written that other music legends have made popular.

Bobby participated in an email Q&A session with me that will be featured at the music blog this Wednesday, and I’m bookending that interview with music before, during, and after his days with Derek and The Dominos.

This is a week that I’m very excited about, because — as a music lover myself — it provides a look into rock music history, from the viewpoint of someone who’s lived it.

Feel free to check it out by clicking on the link below, and feel free to follow along there each day this week.

Bobby Whitlock: One of Delaney and Bonnie’s friends


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