Truth be known, there’s a guy at who goes by the ID of “Klonk” who’s been giving me my last two playlists … and I’m not even sure he knows it yet.

Klonk’s got some very good taste in music.  He recommended the group Doves to a group of guys at, and I ran with it.  He also mentioned the British alternative pop-rock group Elbow, and I’m running with it today.

Elbow’s got a nice, British soul kind of feel to my ears.  Especially soulful is the voice of Guy Garvey.

English: Guy Garvey of the Elbow band at the V...
Image via Wikipedia

He looks like the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to run into when he’s had a bit too much and he’s staggering out of a British pub and he bumps into you, but he’s got this nice, soft, emotion-filled voice that just seems to speak from his soul.  Making the music of Elbow just downright … well, soulful.

This Elbow’s got a nice touch.

But it’s all Klonk’s taste, good enough to share with the masses.  Repeat after me:  “ALL HAIL KLONK!  ALL HAIL KLONK!”


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