They were space rock.  They were psychedelic.  They were art rock.  They were hard rock.  They were progressive rock.  They were and still are considered by many to be among the “Big 5” of progressive music.

Pink Floyd in January 1968 Left to right: Maso...
Pink Floyd in January 1968 Left to right: Mason, Barrett, Gilmour (seated), Waters and Wright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They were Pink Floyd.

They were Syd Barrett on vocals and guitar and songwriting before he reached a point in his mind where his mates had to say, “Wish you were here.”

They were Roger Waters on bass and cutting vocals and songwriting.  They were David Gilmour on songwriting and vocals and biting guitar.  They were Rick Wright on keyboards, backing and sometimes lead vocals.  They were Nick Mason on steady drums.

They were arena rock.  They were all-time-bestselling concept albums like “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wall.”

They were in a class all by themselves.  Newer bands (see the progressive supergroup O.S.I. for one example) tried to duplicate a bit of what Pink Floyd did, but no one could ever come close.

These guys broke the mold.


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